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´Three years ago, a very close friend that I grew up with and served with in Vietnam had cancer from Agent Orange. Terry complained to me that he was very cold receiving treatments. Since we have been in the clothing manufacturing business all my life we designed a garment that made access to the portals so that Terry did not have to get undressed for his treatment. Terry lost his final battle but we continued to making our shirts and donating to the Baltimore VA Hospital. We received approval from Medicare as “Durable Medical Equipment” at the end of 2016 because of the antimicrobial treatment.


We started working on this project over 3 years ago, first designing special garments for people going through chemotherapy and dialysis. They allow the patient the privacy of getting dressed in their own home and these garments allow access to the portals without them getting completely undressed. In Dialysis, their core body temperature drops and the patient gets very cold. These patients are the most vulnerable walking around with open portals. We then researched and found an antimicrobial that when infused into the fibers the fabric will continue maintaining its effectiveness for up to 100 washings. The clinical and testing have been completed. In late 2016, Medicare approved these garments as durable medical equipment the end of 2016. Manufacturing is from our factory in India and already been arranged for large orders.


At your healthcare facility, we can provide the best care for patients by continually looking for ways that we can improve their daily lives. That’s why we use a proven, EPA-registered surface protectant that inhibits germs, keeping the surfaces throughout your facility clean and safe. For maximum protection, our unique product eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination by adhering to surfaces and continuing to diminish bacteria.


Here are some of the reasons that set us apart:

  • Advantage 1 - We manufacture all our products
  • Advantage 2 - Our products are treated with an antimicrobial
  • Advantage 3 - Specialize in infection control


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